What is it?

Well. Let us see. Umm. It is something surely.

And it is important. It has got a day for itself.

(The day is a holiday, but don’t say that here).

It is the day we feel proud.

It is the day we look at ourselves. At what we have got.

How long. How strong.

Does it work.

(That is not tested publicly, of course).

How many of them!

Anything else? Well, there was something.

Let us try to remember.

What could it be? It had something to do with public. The name itself says that.

The day came after the Independence Day. So that was finished before this was started. We still have the day, but the other part was finished.

(That day is also a holiday).

Then this thing was finished. The Republic. We are over that now.

We can relax and enjoy.

The next day is a working day.

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