Another Lesson for the 21st Century

Walker Survives Wisconsin Recall After GOP, Corporate Backers Rally and Dems Stay on Sidelines

Some Background for the Lesson

Joseph Stiglitz on “The Price of Inequality: How Today’s Divided Society Endangers Our Future”

Joseph Stiglitz on Occupy Wall Street & Why U.S.-Europe Austerity Will Only Weaken Economic Recovery

Joseph Stiglitz on Ways to Lessen Inequality in the United States

Resistance to NYPD’s Stop-and-Frisk Comes to D.C. as Lawmakers, Groups Urge Justice Dept. Probe

Muslim Group Files Landmark Suit Challenging NYPD Surveillance in Northeast

“Inside Job” Director Charles Ferguson: Wall Street Has Turned the U.S. into a “Predatory Nation”

“Inside Job” Director Charles Ferguson: Where Are the Criminal Prosecutions for Financial Crisis?

Norman Finkelstein on the Role of BDS & Why Obama Doesn’t Believe His Own Words on Israel-Palestine

Report from Cairo: Protests Erupt in Egypt as Mubarak’s Ex-PM Secures Spot in Presidential Runoff

Entrepreneurs of the revolution: jockeying for livelihood and security in post-Arab Spring Cairo

Tunisia: martyrs’ day violence, why and what’s next?

On First Anniversary of Wisconsin Uprising, Gov. Walker Fights Recall Effort by Energized Movement

Historic Effort to Recall Wisconsin Gov. Walker Reveals “People Power” After 1 Million Sign Petition

And a Special Reading (in Two Parts)

Like it or not, G4S is securing your world

Bringing the Battlefield to the Border


A Footnote (Or Is It An Endnote?)

Eklavya Goes to Work: As a Private Security Guard (Coming Soon)

On 5th June, I received the following recruitment-announcement mail directly to my (pseudonym’s) email address, that is, not through any kind of subscription:


DIRECT RECRUITMENT IN G4S(group4security services) LTD

G4S is the world’s leading security solutions group. We help to ensure the safety and welfare of millions of people worldwide. We secure airports and embassies, protect cash and valuables for banks and retailers across the globe, safeguard some of the most exciting events in the global sporting and entertainment calendar. We are a trusted partner to governments worldwide, keeping personnel and some of the world’s most important buildings safe and secure. We touch people’s lives in nearly every area you can imagine. Joining G4S offers a world of exciting challenges, great career opportunities and a chance to be part of the second largest private workforce in the world. The leading professional security organization in India G4S Secure Solutions has a strong nationwide presence with over 200 branches and regional presence spread across the country. We have a team of 140,000 professionally trained security personnel securing an impressive clientele which includes Diplomatic Missions, IT Industry, Multinational Companies, Hotels, Industrial Units, Airlines & Airports, Financial & Educational Institutions, Malls & Multiplexes, BPOs and many more. G4S provides smartly uniformed, professionally trained and well-supervised security officers who are responsible for security and safety of assets, personnel and property against loss due to theft, pilferage, intrusion, fire, flooding or an accident. The company is an ISO 9001: 2008 QMS certified by the Moody International and believes in total commitment to quality and client satisfaction. We understand the sensitivity of security business and the importance of providing professional and specialized expertise in accordance with the requirement and to the utmost satisfaction of the client. So we are Hiring for all location through India.

Ø Gunmen 100 posts salary would be per year 2,40,000/-

Ø supervisor 200 posts salary would be per year 2,50,000/-

Ø security guards 1000posts salary would be per year 1,50,000/-





Registered office address:

G4S India Corporate Office:

Panchwati, 82-A, Sector 18 Gurgaon – 122 016
Haryana India

Send your resume to:

Selected candidates will be called for interview


(All emphases in the original.)


The mail is not marked as confidential (as many such mails are). It has been sent as a public announcement. That’s why I reproduce it here. If it is post-dispatchingly* classified as confidential, I promise to remove it.

* It’s a legitimate word, you know, like post-humously classifying someone as a terrorist, criminal etc., after killing them without knowing who they are (while killing them) and regardless of knowing who they were (after killing them). A very modern, high-tech-supported practice to make the world a better place.

I am sorry, I meant a safer place.

Don’t worry. We will soon be in the business of making the world a better place too. The plans are already afoot.

A wag had this to say:

I’m sure there’s a deliberate double meaning to G4S’s slogan which they probably found hilarious in the marketing department and boardroom when they came up with it: (1) creating a feeling of security in the world, and (2) taking it over!

I have to buy some clothes (to say the least). Where can I find a Word Domination T-shirt?

I am sorry again. I meant World Domination.

Don’t worry again. Word Domination is big a step towards World Domination.

Author: anileklavya

मैं सांगणिक भाषाविज्ञान (Computational Linguistics) में एक शोधकर्ता हूँ। इसके अलावा मैं पढ़ता हूँ, पढ़ता हूँ, पढ़ता हूँ, और कुछ लिखने की कोशिश भी करता हूँ। हाल ही मैं मैने ज़ेडनेट का हिन्दी संस्करण ( भी शुरू किया है। एक छोटी सी शुरुआत है। उम्मीद करता हूँ और लोग भी इसमें भाग लेंगे और ज़ेडनेट/ज़ेडमैग के सर्वोत्तम लेखों का हिन्दी (जो कि अपने दूसरे रूप उर्दू के साथ करोड़ों लोगों की भाषा है) में अनुवाद किया जा सकेगा।

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