Door Unlocked – 2

So once more when I went to the Paris side, after a long time, the door to my apartment was unlocked again. Before leaving, I had double checked that it was properly locked.

A few days ago, although the door was locked, but it is sure that someone had come in (and had locked the door back when leaving). It is sure because – it may sound silly, but I am just writing what exactly happened – because the bottle of dishwashing soap was completely empty when I came back on that day. When I had left that morning, it sure had some soap in it. After I came back, not a drop would come out of it. Not even with a lot of squeezing.

Why would someone do it? That’s what I want to know.

As I wrote earlier, I am paying more than one third of my salary as rent. No one has any business coming in without asking me. And there is hardly anything to steal.

And, to repeat, I am just noting it down here because I don’t know what else to do. Every time this happens, I will do the same.


And yes, while going to Paris, as well as while coming back, there were those armed guards I mentioned earlier. This time there were a lot of them. This one (specific case) could be irrelevant, of course.

But not the above. I had a very bad night and someone is having fun.

I understand and appreciate the fact at least there are no bombs and missiles raining down on me.

However, if one did drop directly over me and did a thorough job, I wouldn’t mind very much. Would save me a lot of bother.




A la Forum Les Halles

“Ce est beaucoup drole. Ce est beaucoup drole. Ce est beaucoup drole.”

Is the spelling correct?




So today, the next day, I notice as I go out that my bicycle is gone. It was kept near the door, outside the apartment. Since yesterday when I came back it was dark, I didn’t see whether it was there or not.

It was a second hand bicycle that I bought for 40 euros. I don’t know whether someone has just taken it temporarily, or whether it is gone permanently.

What next?

(I had not used it for many weeks anyway. I hope someone in need has got it.)

(That may be a good kind of self-deception.)

Author: anileklavya

मैं सांगणिक भाषाविज्ञान (Computational Linguistics) में एक शोधकर्ता हूँ। इसके अलावा मैं पढ़ता हूँ, पढ़ता हूँ, पढ़ता हूँ, और कुछ लिखने की कोशिश भी करता हूँ। हाल ही मैं मैने ज़ेडनेट का हिन्दी संस्करण ( भी शुरू किया है। एक छोटी सी शुरुआत है। उम्मीद करता हूँ और लोग भी इसमें भाग लेंगे और ज़ेडनेट/ज़ेडमैग के सर्वोत्तम लेखों का हिन्दी (जो कि अपने दूसरे रूप उर्दू के साथ करोड़ों लोगों की भाषा है) में अनुवाद किया जा सकेगा।

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