Symptoms of Non-Lethal Non-Ionising Weaponised Radiation

I have been suffering from weaponised non-ionising radiation, as opposed to ‘normal’ radiation (which can still be unsafe, at least over long periods) for the last may years. I realised that the strange symptoms I have been experiencing were from radiation, or something non-natural like that, only around 2016 or 2017, when I had that extreme case of panic attack that landed me in ICU at night for the first time in my life at the age of around 50. This happened, as I mentioned on the Radiation Logs that I tried to maintain for some time on this blog, while reading The Handmaid’s Tale.

There was another minor personal catastrophe that happened when I started watching Electric Dreams, based on the stories of Philip K. Dick. But that’s a slightly different and a very long story, but also partly related to radiation etc.

Here, I am going to write about my interim conclusions about the symptoms (not signs, which I will list later) of non-lethal weaponised non-ionising radiation, where the term radiation is used in a broad sense to include EM as well as sonic radiation. In fact, I will also include recurrent and weaponised presence (very abnormal levels) of Transient Volatile Organic Compounds. You can call it a gas, but that’s not technically true, at least not completely in terms of composition.

In a sense, this is a not a scientific study, because I didn’t initiate it or even willingly participate in it. I have been, and still am, subject to this most obvious torture. But the thing is, when I did realise that this could be due to radiation or some kind of toxicity, I purchased meters (usually more than one for each kind of radiation/toxicity). This was well before the Pandemic (roughly two years before that).

In this case, I was the target or subject, but since I had the meters and I knew what I was feeling, I could observe some things better than an experimenter (or torturer).

Here is a list of meters I have used:

– Two different well-known Geiger Counters (for ionising radiation, just in case)

– Multiple meters for Electric Field and Magnetic Field, one of them a triaxial meter that measure EF, EMF as well as Radio Frequency (microwave), in mW/m2, radiation. It also gives additional useful information.

– Two proper microwave leakage meters that take measurements in mW/cm2, thus they can detect (but not always) microwave beams or lasers (masers, as they are called), which the above one can’t.

– A gas leakage detection meter for ultrasonic sound, which is not perfect for the purpose, but it can serve one of two purposes, when it does show anything.

– A Sound Level Decibel meter (whose range is limited to only human-audible frequencies of sound).

– An Air Quality meter that gives various readings like temperature, pressure, TVOCs, CO2, humidity, Radon levels, and an overall air quality metric.

In addition, I also bought Blood Pressure reader, glucose level reader, SPO2 reader, heart beats reader, two weight scales and various kinds of thermometers, including the infrared ones, which are being used now for thermal screening for the Pandemic. These are for the signs.

To add to all that, I had several apps installed on a spare smartphone, which are supposed to measure infrasound and ultrasound and plot them and log them, even convert them to audible sound so that you get an intuitive idea of frequencies and their patterns.

The reason for doing that, to be clear, was that I was often feeling ill in a very unnatural way, which is unlike any natural disease as far as I knew. One of the reasons was also that I was loosing my hearing at an alarming rate since at least 2011 or 2012, and I suspected (much later) it had something to do with some kind of sonic attack, which may or may not be wrong. Any of the other radiations or toxicities could be the reason for that. I still don’t know the answer to that. It could even be natural, although it is unusual given the age. However, the other symptoms I am going to list are not due to natural causes, even if there is some neurological problem, which is a possibility.

The reason I say the above is the timings and the patterns of those meter readings and the symptoms I experienced. Since our body is not evolved to sense such radiation and toxicity, initially, I was not sure which cause was giving rise to which effect, or very initially, whether any one of these was a cause at all.

Now, I am as certain as I can be. I have tried all the experimentation approaches that I know as a practising researcher. Since I am still only a subject, what I say is not exactly in the form for a scientific report, but personally I am convinced of my conclusions (as far as they go), based on hard evidence, collected and analysed over the course of at least three years, with a great deal of replication (as far as this term can be valid in the given scenario).

When the Pandemic struck, I was already suffering a lot from these radiations and perhaps toxicity. Here I say perhaps, because at that time I had only recently bought the Air Quality meter, which gives the TVOC readings. And before the Pandemic, I did not pay much attention to TVOC readings and perhaps they still were within a normal range.

I can expand on this later on, but let me emphasise here that I have read the various reports and recommendations about the ‘safe’ levels of radiation and TVOC levels. In all cases, I have repeatedly and for long durations, faced, and recorded, exceptionally high readings, coinciding (sometimes immediately) with the strange symptoms I experienced.

Some reports and recommendations (funded by vested interests) given absurdly high levels of the ‘safe’ limits. More on that later.

What do I mean by ‘strange’ and ‘unnatural’ symptoms? Take one example. I have lived in both extremely hot and extremely cold and extremely humid weathers for long durations. I most certainly know how that feels. For example, temperature approaching 50 degrees celsius is not uncommon in Rajasthan, where I spent most of my first 23 years. Even after that I have lived in places where the Indian summers can be really hot. I know what that feels like. I have walked and rode bicycle for long distances in such weather for years. Somehow, I get the top floor, meaning 2nd, 3rd or 4th in most cases in India (which is the hottest in summer and the coldest in winter). It is bad, sometimes very bad, but it is natural. Human body, and my body in particular, has tolerated that for years, even with high level of discomfort. And all that time, we didn’t have an AC or a room heater. Well, to be accurate, a weakish room heater or some such source of natural heat was sometimes present in winter occasionally.

However, suppose I am in a room where the temperature changes from 22 degrees celsius to 23 degree celsius, and I suddenly feel terribly, unnaturally warm, the kind that my body is not accustomed to. It is worse that that 50 degree celsius at the peak of a summer in Rajasthan. What you feel is much more than just warmth. In fact, 22 (or 23) degrees is actually cold for us in India. When it gets a little warmer, I should be feeling more comfortable. But I feel terrible. And it happens suddenly and it disappears suddenly, along with the relevant meter reading.

So, here is the list of symptoms that you experience as a result of above mentioned radiations and toxicities:

Ionised Radiation: I don’t know for sure, because, as I expected, it rarely crossed the safe limit. It did once, in a surreal way, which I have mentioned in the Radiation Logs, on one of the meters. On the other meter, it often crossed the safe limit, but not by very much. When it did, it did cause discomfort. My guess is that the source was X-ray, but this is speculation.

Electric Field (EF): This can come from wires connected to power, or it can come in the form or EMF from mobile phones or WiFi, or it can be ‘sprayed’ as electrostatic. This last one is also being used to ‘sterilise’ human beings from the virus. You can read about it on the Internet. The values I read on the meter have been going to the level of 2000 V/m or more for very long durations, particularly when a device is connected to the power cord. It could just be the LAN cable or mobile charging cable. It need not be a 240V AC cable. The symptoms due to this are the easiest to identify, because it is like a current passing through your body. A giveaway symptom is the tongue (particularly the tip of the tongue) feels as if it is made of some kind weird artificial ice. It can trigger a panic attack. Also, as I said, even if you are not carrying any device, it can still come at you as directed static. It can also cause general ill health, upset your gastrointestinal system and impede clear thought indirectly due to the extreme discomfort, or perhaps even directly.

Magnetic Field (MF): This can also come from the same sources as EF, even as static, because EF and MF are two aspects of the same thing, as is taught in classes on Electromagnetism. The symptoms are also similar, but different in important ways. You do feel general ill health etc., but you don’t feel a current passing through your body or the icy tongue tip. What you feel is extreme discomfort, which is usually localised, that is, directed. As an example, for the last few months, I had been feeling a kind of congestion in the chest and chest pain, the kind that I never felt before. It renders you unable to do anything, even speak properly. I then took readings when I felt this at various locations. What I found was that it was correlated with high MF readings when I placed the meter on the chest. As soon as the reading lowered to normal, the chest pain and the congestion disappeared. This, I have tried multiple times. Similarly, when it is directed towards the head, you feel what is called ‘brainfog’. It make you feel as if the everything in your body is kind of clogged. It can be worse that EF. And it also can trigger a severe panic attack. The values have gone above 300 mG, although much less a value (above 2) can cause problems.

RF or Microwave: This, or its abnormally high level, is not visible on the triaxial meter, which measure in mW/m2, so it can’t measure directed microwave beams or lasers (or masers, as they are called in the weaponised versions). The other meter measures it in mW/cm2, so it can often (but not always) indicate directed microwave.

What it most clearly causes is localised pain, be it in the joints, or any other place on the limbs, or other body parts, or even in the head, which is the worst, obviously. I don’t know what are the long terms effects of this, but this is perhaps the worst psychological torture among the things I am listing. It can also cause ‘brainfog’, but of a different kind, and it can also induce panic attacks. When it does so, those can be the worst. You may feel as if parts of your brain (or other body parts) are frying.

Infrasound: This one is the strangest of the lot. It can merely give you goosebumps, or it can make you feel a chill running down the spine, or at very high levels, it can even shake you up. And perhaps, at the right frequency or frequency patterns (in resonance with brain waves), it can cause panic attacks also. This last one I am not sure of, as I have to rely on smartphone apps for this, and I have not been able to take as many measurements as are required for a definite conclusion. There seem to be no meters available for this and rarely anyone mentions. Reddit, however, has some discussion about it, the truth of which I am not sure about.

Ultrasound: This also, I am not that much sure about, but it seems to have something to do with two things: the hearing loss (which can be due to infrasound also, as very high levels of these inaudible sounds are, well, inaudible), which is sometimes evidenced as the tinnitus levels going through the roof and making you temporarily almost deaf; and the other thing, which is again panic attack. As you can notice, almost any of the above can trigger a panic attack, but ultrasound and directed microwave are perhaps the worst in this respect.

TVOC: This is not really radiation, and like Radon, it can occur due to natural household sources. However, the readings I have obtained are very unusual in two ways: first, the readings go up to 2000 ppb, or sometimes even beyond 3000 ppb, which is not normal at all; second, the readings go up abruptly and then again do down abruptly, often in the form of a sharp curved and tall spike. Not always, but often. And the higher the level and the longer the duration, the worse are the symptoms, which could range from feeling extremely nauseous (such that even anti-emetic medicines may not help), or it can make you suddenly sleepy, or it can cause indigestion, or it can cause some other kind of ill health. Since the meter does not give detailed composition of the TVOC and what they carry, my guess is that they serve as the base for various things, which cause various symptoms.

CO2: For some reason, CO2 levels go up to abnormal levels (above 800 ppm or even touching 1000 ppm) and they do so in conjunction with the increase in the TVOC levels. I can’t correlate any specific symptoms with this, but it should obviously contribute to breathing difficulty.

And the worst part is that, more often than not, more than one of these are combined together. When that happens, the effect is multiplicatively worse. For example, high TVOC (and whatever they carry), together with moderately high values of EF or MF or microwave are much likely to give you a severe panic attack.

All these can also make your life generally miserable and they do seriously affect your sleep, even if you seemingly sleep for a long time.

I don’t claim a final scientific truth of all of the above, but it is as good as I could do over the period of three years or more, with considerable effort at the time of even more considerable pain, and with as much rigour and skepticism as I use in academic research.

To be honest, much more than that, as I didn’t want to fall into the Conspiracy Theory trap.

I hope this may be of some use for someone (not the weaponisers, though they will use it whatever you can do).



Alarmed by the extremely high readings of TVOCs (up to or more than 3000 ppb), I was wondering whether there is a possibility that the device needed to be recalibrated. So I did that. I even deregistered the Airthings app from the iPhone and move it to another smartphone, because I have know for a long time that the iPhone is hopelessly pwened (as they as in hackerspeak). It turns out that even after recalibration, those same high readings occurred. Again, they occur abruptly and they stop abruptly, although on some days it lasts longer (a few hours). Note that this has nothing to do with either ‘stubble burning’ or with garbage burning, which is a common practice in India, although a few times, that may be the right explanation. But when garbage burns nearby, it is impossible not to be able to smell. Moreover, there are generally preferred times for garbage burning, which don’t match with my readings.

Just to make sure, I also logged into the browser based Airthings Dashboard and looked at and downloaded the readings since January 2020. I found something, that … I don’t want to spell it out. The Radon readings on 1st and 2nd September 2020 (which was in the previous apartment) were off the charts. They went above 1200 Bq/m3, whereas the usual readings are withing 50 Bq/m3. I also noticed that there were readings of more than 300 Bq/m3 many times earlier.

Above 1200 Bq/m3 Readings
Above 1200 Bq/m3 Readings

Note above that even though peak in the diagram seems to be just above 500 Bq/m3, the log shows values much higher, that is, above 1200 Bq/m3. This may be related to at what intervals the data points are taken for the plot or how exactly the plot is drawn. I have not yet looked into that. Even 500 Bq/m3 for more than 24 hours is pretty bad enough, to say the least.

30th December night, 2020:

After the publishing of this post, the EF, the MF and microwave etc. have not only increased, but have become almost constant, making it difficult to do anything, except for some ‘better’ periods.

9th January night (early morning), 2021:

After the last update on this post, there was a kind of New Year’s Reprieve, if one may call that. Then it started again with greater intensity. Right now, I am trying to sleep, but as soon as I go to bed, the focused chest congestion starts. I put the triaxial EMF meter on my chest sure it shows readings ranging from less than one to greater than 5. As long as these higher readings last, there is chest congestion, as soon as they stop, the congestion goes away immediately. I move from one room to another, which I have been doing frequently for the same reasons. For a few minutes, there was no problem. They it started there as well. The exact same thing. This is becoming a routine now. When I try to connect to my Wifi broadbank earlier, I almost always see an SSID name which calls itself ‘Warriros’. Couldn’t this be a co-incident? It sure could be, except that before I moved to this house, the same SSID was visible in the earlier apartment also.

Note, that I have taking readings (weird as it may sound) readings inside a ‘blanket’ made for as strong EMF resistant material as is available anywhere. Also note that all wireless was switched off (unplugged) and the smartphones are either in the best Faraday bags or in flight mode. There is only a feature (‘dumb’) phone that is active.

Earlier in the evening today, there was an extreme level of panic attach when I was reading news on the iPad (the same one on which I was reading the Handmaid’s Tale). It came suddenly. It should be emphasized that I was perfectly calm before that struck. A few days back, there were a series of such attacks which went on for at least an hour if not more.

Today’s there seems to have been ultrasonic attacks as well, because I had this strong sensation in my teeth which you get when you hear a screeching (high frequency) sound, except that ultrasonic sound is not audible.

Author: anileklavya

मैं सांगणिक भाषाविज्ञान (Computational Linguistics) में एक शोधकर्ता हूँ। इसके अलावा मैं पढ़ता हूँ, पढ़ता हूँ, पढ़ता हूँ, और कुछ लिखने की कोशिश भी करता हूँ। हाल ही मैं मैने ज़ेडनेट का हिन्दी संस्करण ( भी शुरू किया है। एक छोटी सी शुरुआत है। उम्मीद करता हूँ और लोग भी इसमें भाग लेंगे और ज़ेडनेट/ज़ेडमैग के सर्वोत्तम लेखों का हिन्दी (जो कि अपने दूसरे रूप उर्दू के साथ करोड़ों लोगों की भाषा है) में अनुवाद किया जा सकेगा।

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