The Powerful Powerless Correlation

For the last few days, there has been strange correlation. As I start watching some Howard Zinn video (apart from the video becoming unavailable and other network problems) on the Internet, there comes a long unscheduled power cut.

The institute here has its own power station. And the power goes in some places in the institute, not in others.

Sounds like paranoid? Of course, it does.

A cut in electric power supply for me means no tea, no food, no fans during that period. And it’s already really hot in the beginning of March, a time that used to associated with spring in other northern cities.

And no computer after the battery runs out.

The correlation suggests a powerful powerless strategy to deal with dissidence and dissent, even of the most mild kind.

Watch the Experiment

The movie to watch now is Das Experiment, which is based on two real social experiments.

There are many such experiments going on right now.

In most cases with involuntary participation.

Not really in labs.

And on a much larger scale.

And not so benign either.

Sooner or later the results are going to be visible.

Even if neither the participants nor the perpetrators want them to be.

They have a habit of moving out of control.


P.S.: The documentation says no violence (whatever that means) allowed.

ताक़त के ज़हर का सिद्धांत

बड़े का छोटे के लिए
गोरे का काले के लिए
भगवे का हरे के लिए
ताक़तवर का कमज़ोर के लिए

एक ही दिशा की बात क्यों?
क्योंकि जैसे पानी केवल
ऊपर से नीचे बहता है
वैसे ही ज़हर भी

अगर छोटा बड़ा हो जाए
और बड़ा छोटा तो
ज़हर के बहने की दिशा
भी पलट जाएगी
पर बहेगा तब भी
ऊपर से नीचे ही

नीचे वाला अगर
ज़हर उगले भी
तब भी ज़हर या तो
उसी पर आ गिरेगा या
उससे भी नीचे वाले की
तरफ़ बह जाएगा

यही ताक़त के ज़हर का सिद्धांत है

पर ताक़त के अमृत का सिद्धांत?



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