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Comments on this blog can only be made by logged in users. This is simply because the spam to comment ratio is too high in this case. No comments that are not obviously spam, however, are deleted or blocked as part of ‘moderation’. It just so happens that there are very few comments submitted to this blog.

(That is why it is so strange to be writing this Comments Policy).

Also, I comment very rarely anywhere on the Internet. The total comments that I have made so far in all my use of the Internet (including those on the mailing lists) are so few that they can be easily counted with a very high precision and recall.

Moreover, whatever comments I have made anywhere on the Internet so far, have been made under my own name (or my pen name, as used on this blog) and from just a few networking platforms and with very few user ids, with the user ids being also based on my own name (or pen name).

I find it necessary to write the above two paragraphs, because I have seen many comments on the Internet in various places that are written in a style that sounds very similar to my style and sometimes references the same things that I reference. The substance of these comments, however, is quite often repulsive for me. So, likely or unlikely, I just don’t want anyone to think that I might have written those comments under some different ‘avatar’. And I say this here because I have no other venue to say this.

I don’t say things behind people’s backs that I can’t say in front of them. That is, things that I can’t say to their face, without holding power over them. Mostly I don’t say things about individuals in general. I prefer to say things about the institutions (preferably not individual institutions), power structures, the society, the system, the establishment etc.

I expect the same from others. But I do realize that sometimes anonymity is justified. I just haven’t used it myself.

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