Welcome, But Beware

You are welcome to get in touch with me. And the same is true if you want to contribute together or work together on something.

But beware!

There will be, most likely, implications. Unpleasant ones.

Bare facts:

I have written several research papers. No earth-shattering results have been reported in them, but they should be of interest to many people working in the (narrow) areas they are about. However, hardly anyone, except those who simply had to (for they had no other alternative), ever cites them. Even in passing. Even when they, in fairness and in ethical terms, should cite them. It may not be a great loss for science, but it is a fact relevant here.

I have organized research workshops, but no one asks me to be on PCs (Program Committees) of their workshops (let alone conferences), even when their workshop is almost an extension of the workshop they are conducting. It’s just not done. I am rarely even asked to review papers, though a lot of people in my area know me and there are many among them who have worked with me or have used my work.

And, of course, I am not included in any projects (funded or non-funded), even if I am one of the few people (not just in my opinion) who know and understand the problems they are about.

Numerous students have come to me and have worked with me. Many of them, it will fair to say (can be verified), learnt something working together (I learnt from them too, of course) and went on their paths, once they could, so to say, stand on their own feet. Most of them would be hesitant to mention their association with me. Unless it was to …

I have been writing on political and some other matters, but the same as above applies to there too.

I have written some poems, some of them certainly not worse than most that are published. Although they have been read, no one has acknowledged that they exist.

I have a created a one or two online forums which should have been useful to those for which they were meant, but no one even came even near to contributing to them, although they were (from distance) used or read.

In the left terminology, you could say that I have tried to do ‘organizing’ and ‘mobilization’ in the ways I am capable of, but lot of pain, no gain.

And as any reader of this blog can notice, there are hardly any comments. Comments to come, but in very indirect ways.

So, once you have worked with me (fat chance), you might have to go through, what some Hindu reformers used to call, a shuddhi ceremony. A cleansing process, if you like.

You have been warned.

Save your breath. As if anyone is coming to read even this.

Yes, yes, I know. i-KNOW. But now and then, some lost or innocent soul comes wandering around. And then there are your spam people.

Ha! Ha! You have no defense against them.

I have some filters.

They don’t work. We won’t allow them to work.

Go on! Aren’t you even going to say, “You do your job, I will do mine.”

You said it for me.

Do you know we have given a name to you for all your complaining?

Yes, I do. In several languages.

Why are you writing this in the first place? Do you want to be certified as a schizo?

Oh, we know. You hate to be writing this, but what can you do? Desperate measures, isn’t it?

There are positive aspects.

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