Zersetzung: Electricity in its Various Forms

Part of: Zersetzung 21C Journal

In continuation of a pattern that has been going on for the last at least 13 years, just I have brushed and after that would have make tea, as I do always, there is powercut.

For several years, I hardly eat proper food or eat or drink anything else. I don’t have many indulgences. One indulgence, bordering on lifelong addiction (in common with half of India) is that I simply *need* (must have) a large strong cup of tea, preferably made by myself in my own way. Must have doesn’t mean I force others to make tea for me. I just simply have it, otherwise I get strong headaches. There are many sources of headaches these days, but not getting tea in the morning after waking up or in the evening is still one of them.

And, just as I opened WordPress and was creating this new page today, waiting for the power to come back, well it came back immediately as I clicked on theZersetzung 21C Journal page to add a reference there to this page.

Not a rare occurrence at all.